Thursday, September 15, 2011

Product Placement

Thanks to living in a neighborhood with many conveniences (one being proximity to public transportation) and owning a hybrid car, I don't spend a lot of time at the pump.  On one of my rare trips to the gas station the other day, I noticed this ad with the headline "The Price of Gas" positioned above the pump.  Shall we take a closer look?

Since you probably can't read the copy at the bottom of this ad for Amtrak, I'll help out.  It says:  "Avoiding the high price of gasoline (not to mention traffic, tolls, and construction) is as easy as hopping on the Northeast Regional."  Don't you find it kind of surprising that this gas company is accepting what amounts to an anti-driving ad?  Kind of like having an ad for Weight Watchers in an ice cream parlor, if you ask me.  Unfortunately, given the high price of Amtrak tickets and excellent mileage on my car, I think I could drive to New York for a lot less than taking the train.  Which is too bad on so many levels.

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