Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer's Bounty

It used to be that you needed a crowd to enjoy a watermelon.  But someone finally figured out that a small watermelon might be just the ticket for those of us who don't have plans to invite the neighborhood over for dinner.  And kudos to the genius in the marketing department who decided to christen these "personal" watermelons.  It's still a lot for one person; in fact, it's just about perfect for a family of four.

It may be September 1 but it's technically still summer.  So get out there and get you a watermelon, personal or family sized depending upon your mood.  That is some crisp, sweet summer deliciousness.  And by all mean, eat it outside and see just how far you can spit those seeds. 


  1. Interesting that they use both "mini" and "personal" to describe these watermelons. Have serving sizes gotten so large that there is an XXL personal watermelon?

    Do they have seeds? I bought a couple of these cuties at Trader Joe's at the beginning of the summer and they were all seedless. It made me wonder about the joys of summer living. Spitting seeds is fun!

  2. I love watermelon in a salad with feta cheese and black olives -- an adorable personal melon would be the perfect size.

  3. As a side comment, why the heck do we have seedless watermelons, grapes...? I mean, nature needs seeds. It is part of the fruit. Are we too lazy to spit a few seeds in the yard? Did anyone thought for 2 seconds how these seedless fruits were created?
    I mean I am far from being an organic freak, but come on! Seedless fruits!

  4. See? I really am going back to read posts here today. :) Read every one up to here and I'm enjoying myself immensely as I lunch.

    This one needed to have a comment, though, as I keep totally cracking up at the idea of a "mini personal watermelon." OMG, does that sum up a lot about American culture or what?!? LOL. Love it.

    Thank you for continuing your blog writing, Anne. I have to leave in about 20 min, but I'm going to keep reading through the month of August, which is when I was on vacation and not reading blogs. I'll then be caught up! I hope to return more regularly, too.

    Take care --