Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blooms of Late Summer

By the end of August, everyone is pretty much sick of summer.  The garden is overgrown and burnt out, the fantasies of fabulous flowers and beautiful vegetables gone by the wayside.  The kids are bored and cranky, and though they won't admit it, most are itchy to get back together with school friends.   Our sandals are scuffed and our once new swimsuits are almost ready for the rag bag.  And all those fresh salads we were dreaming about back in February have lost some of their appeal.  

But late summer has its own special joys, one of them in DC being the profusion of crepe myrtle trees in bloom everywhere.  Deep red, pink, and white blooms on gracefully arching branches -- a fair competitor to the cherry blossoms and dogwoods of spring.

The leaves will be falling soon enough.  Enjoy them while you can.

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