Saturday, August 27, 2011

Emergency Preparedness

Now that the Casey Anthony trial is well behind us, the Administration and Congress have stopped bickering over the debt ceiling, and we can't figure out where Qaddafi might be, the news stations have turned their 24/7 coverage to Hurricane Irene.  If I lived in the Outer Banks or in Virginia Beach or shore points north, I would be scared.  But here in DC?  It's tough to say.  We're too far inland to feel the full force of any hurricane but we've been wallopped enough by tropical storms in the past to fear the worst.  All the projections are iffy at this point.  It's going to rain tomorrow but just how hard the wind will blow and the rain will come down is anyone's guess.  Pepco is already hedging its bets by calling customers to tell them to expect power outages.  So send out your important e-mails now, folks.

But who cares about all that?  We Washingtonians may be incapable of driving in the snow but let it not be said that we don't know how to prepare.  Whatever the impending natural disaster, we know how to clean out a grocery store.  Toilet paper, milk, and bottled water.  Check.   Batteries, radios, flashlights.  Check.   Towels and mop at the ready in our sometimes leaky basement. Check.

Bring it, Irene.  We are ready.

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  1. Anne, Glad to hear that all of your storm preparations are finished. But one important question remains unanswered - do you have enough of the Speculoos spread? After all, sugar fixes help with dealing with the havoc caused by natural disasters. Good luck. My thoughts are with you and the rest of the people who are in Irene's path.