Monday, August 22, 2011

France à Washington

Americans have long had this love-hate relationship with the French, vacillating from one extreme to another as current events unfold.  Fortunately, the days of "freedom fries" seem to be behind us.  If anything,  American retailers seem to be tapping into the love, or perhaps the envy end, of the spectrum.   A sampling of recent sightings include:

French office supplies

Decor for the home

Beauty products

Food (and to be clear, I didn't go out looking for pictures of French wine, cheese, butter, salt, etc which are more readily available than I had imagined, nor French or Belgian restaurants which seem to have popped up everywhere ).


And some other stuff:


  1. I agree about the love hate relationship with everything French. I only get (at the most) a 10 day glimpse of Paris and honestly it is a love fest!! :-) I need to catch up with your old posts and hoping they are still active. Next month I will be traveling through France and not exclusively Paris. Hope all is well with your transition back to the states.

  2. Now that I know Clairefontaine notebooks are available in Washington, I'm softening towards the idea of moving back!