Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DC vs. Paris: Part III

I spotted this sign the weekend we returned to Washington after four years of dodging the poop-mined sidewalks of Paris, a blot if there ever was one on the otherwise beautiful City of Light.

Now, just to give the French their due, there are signs and public education campaigns galore to persuade and shame dog owners into the act of poop scooping. I give you Exhibit A (which translates as "I love my neighborhood. I pick up."):

Sigh. None of it works. Parisians seem simply programmed to ignore the admonitions. Are Americans truly more community minded or simply unable to withstand the social stigma of getting caught letting their dogs do their business in public? If you know of any doctoral students in sociology in need of a thesis topic, point them my way.

1 comment:

  1. Paris - one of the only cities in the world where I welcome a full body slam to the left or the right because I know that my husband is trying to save me from yet another strategically placed pile of dog poop.