Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Deal or No Deal

I couldn't resist snapping a photo (albeit one slightly out of focus) of this ridiculous sign in the supermarket.  If it's normally $2.99, how is getting two for $6 a deal?  You actually pay for the privilege, it seems to me.

The forecast for the rest of the week is amazing; we will finally be getting the weather we normally get in September, last month getting kudos only for sogginess.  (Apparently mold spores were up 75 percent.)  As I have little on my plate for the next few days, I plan to be out and about, poking around Washington neighborhoods for tidbits to share here.  Since I will be starting a full time job next week, I'm hoping to stock up enough photos and stories to keep this blog going while I adjust to my new schedule.


  1. LOL. Not exactly a deal. You know what? Sometimes I feel that's a lot what life is like! :D A wee bit absurd.

    I've been thinking about you, and just saw you tweet about the email promos you keep getting from Monoprix, the SCNF and the Louvre, and I high-tailed it over here to check out what's been going on with you. Full time job! Deputy editor!! Well that is great news, Anne!

    So glad to read that your weather is better that it was last month (mold spores = UGH), and I hope that Project Stock Up of photos and stories goes well. Speaking of posts, I'm going to go catch up on your past posts since I checked in last to see what's been going on while I eat a little (late) lunch. Hope you have a good morning in your time zone!

    Be well, Anne!

  2. Congratulations on the new job, Anne! Love the "deal!"

  3. So, mold spores were up by 75 percent - any correlation between that tantalizing piece of information and your new job? ;-)

    Congrats on the deputy editor position and best wishes for your return to full time employment next week. The American economy needs people like you!

  4. Ladies: What would I do without you? Thanks for reading!

  5. Félicitations on the new job. Looking forward to hearing what it's like to jump back in the employment pool after Paris.