Friday, November 11, 2011

Art In Situ

A tip of the hat to my younger child, who walks a good mile each way to school each morning (and back in the afternoon), for pointing out these fascinating sculptures hanging in the yard of a house several blocks over.  I don't know who lives there but I sure admire their sense of whimsy.

This mobile appears to be made from trays:

This one from barbecue grills (if you know your math or if you've read The Phantom Tollbooth, you'll recognize this shape as a dodecahedron:

And this one (a bit on the dark side) of umbrellas:

Who needs a museum when you've got neighbors like this?


  1. Kudos to your youngest for being so attentive! Please tell her thanks for sharing her findings.

    While I like the umbrellas and the trays, I'm not sure that I would like seeing the barbecue grill dodecahedron on a daily basis.

    I noticed that there's also a mobile hanging on the front porch. It makes me wonder if these are seasonal decorations and if they'll change them for the holidays.

  2. Anne, I think those neighbors would be worth getting to know. What interesting ideas!