Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh Yeah?

One of my brothers-in-law (and I have many), who was an avid reader of my Paris blog, told me the other day that this blog is boring. Okay, well he phrased it a little more nicely than that but I got the message. So Mr. Buster, you call this boring? Here are some amazing things that I've seen out and about in DC.

This might make a nice gift for your mother-in-law, your sister, or maybe your office gift exchange. You know you need this:

I'd keep a good distance from the person whose car was sporting this bumper sticker.

Most Americans have too much stuff. Even the homeless people have too much stuff.

And this is my milieu most days...okay well maybe that really is boring.

That does it; I'm off to work. I'll try to be more interesting in the future. Satisfied?


  1. I like your DC blog too! and your desk/office!

    Good on ya.

    Carolyn (not in Paris at the moment either)

  2. I don't understand the eggies yet somehow that adds to their appeal. Now that I'm Stateside again, I will be searching high and low for eggies (and staying the eff away from the crazy person with the bumper sticker). Keep on keepin' on, Anne!

  3. Totally unrelated: Thought of you yesterday in Trader Joe's. Why? Was munching the free sample, which consisted of a waffle cookie bit, vanilla ice cream and something they are calling cookie dough? Anyway it is their take on one of your French favorites Speckalous (sic?) Am I remembering correctly? I know I'm murdering the spelling and can't find a check on it, but it's the stuff that looks like peanut butter but tastes like a mixture of peanut butter & cookie dough with ginger. . .just saying you might want to check it out.

  4. Unknown: Thanks for the hot tip. We can find the Speculoos spread here (under the brand name Biscoff) but it's always good to know of something new to try at Trader Joe's.

  5. Please post more DC bumper stickers! I have to say I miss that about living outside the US. DC was especially good for laughs as the political ones really run the gamut. Keep them coming!