Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Decorating DC Style: Part I

Although I don't technically celebrate Christmas, I love the festive atmosphere, the foods, the music, and most of all the decorations. The neighbors are going all out with the twinkling whites, the colored bulbs in the evergreens, the "icicles" hanging from the eaves. There are nutcrackers at the front door, and blow up Santas and snowmen on the lawn, and ribbons and bows and bells and candy canes. Unfortunately, my camera can't capture these displays in anything but a complete blur. So instead of the night time extravaganzas, I'm bringing you the day time's best, starting today with an assortment of wreathes:

Back later in the week with more holiday decorations.

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  1. Love wreaths! Once bought a wreath from the Wilson HS crew team fundraiser, then decorated it with dreidels and wrapped in blue and silver ribbon. I thought it was a scream, but my rather more traditional mom didn't quite get the joke. Alas, the generation gap reared its head in an unexpected way.