Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Decorating DC Style Part II

With Christmas just days away, I'm quick like a bunny getting these photos up to share. I suppose that I could keep putting them up until New Year's but honestly, once the big day has come and gone, my enthusiasm for all the fuss drops off pretty quickly. Not so the neighbors who lived across the street from us some years back; there were two houses with a pitched battle to see whose wreath would last the longest. I'm pretty sure that one year, somebody made it all to Easter. Let me tell you though; those were some pretty sorry looking wreathes.

Here's what's looking good in the hood.

Martha Stewart inspired entryways:

All manner of animals bedecked for the season:

A bit of whimsy:

And you'll just have to imagine what this house looks like at night. Trust me, that's a whole lotta holiday cheer.

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