Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gifts for the Non-Cook

It's the Christmas season and if people aren't buying because of a down economy, it's not because the retailers and manufacturers aren't trying their best to push the merchandise. The stack of flyers that came with the Sunday Post was as thick as the newspaper itself and there appear to be deals galore. I wouldn't know for sure because frankly, while I'm not too fond of shopping in general, the thought of a crowded shopping mall at Christmastime is simply horrifying. And yet, while I have let my fingers do the clicking to take care of most of the items on the holiday gifts online, one occasionally must actually get out of pajamas and go interact with a human in a real store.

The thing is, do you really want one of these?

Or how about this?

Seriously, wouldn't a toaster oven be a better choice?

I am already imagining next spring's yard sales when these will be popping up in droves. Apparently you can still buy a dedicated appliance for cooking hot dogs too although there didn't seem to be any in Target when I was there.

What other wacky single use kitchen appliances have you seen in the stores this season?


  1. Let's see - wacky single use appliances: a raclette grill, an electric pot to make "fondue chinoise", and a pot (not electric) to make fondue. Just realized that paraphernalia for making Swiss hubby's favorite foods are as bad as the American cupcake maker. Maybe I better sell them in the next garage sale!

  2. The mini donut maker........