Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We haven't yet tried any of the baguette options now available in DC, in part because I don't want to be disappointed and in part because I'm still at the stage of enjoying all the things we missed during four years in France.  And while I hear that Le Pain Quotidien is a nice addition to the local scene and that there is a fabulous patisserie hiding up behind the Twinbrook metro station, for the moment, I am most content with this:

Hot delicious chewiness.

While there's always going to be a New Yorker who will tell you that you can't get a decent bagel in DC, gone are the days when you needed to take the trip north or place an overnight order with H&H.  After what passed for a bagel in Paris (that is bagel shaped industrial white bread often at up to 3.50 euros a pop), these babies at the Georgetown Bagelry are a treat with or without the cream cheese.


  1. Back in the day (the 70's), we Washingtonians were enthusiastic about the baguettes at Ile de France -- the area's first attempt at producing actual (authentic?) French bread. They ran into some kind of copyright issue with their name, & so became Vie de France -- which I think is still around.

    But several months ago, I came across the best baguette I've ever eaten on this side of the Atlantic. Best Buns, in the very southern tip of Arlington, in the little restaurant area in Shirlington. Not very accessible for someone in Maryland, but well worth exploring if you're ever on this side of the Potomac.

  2. Thanks Bigfish. I will definitely check it out sometime when I'm on that side of the river.

  3. Mmmm... bagels. How I miss them so. And no, I never found them as good in DC, though I haven't yet tried this Georgetown Bagelry. But at this point, I'd settle for one from Whole Foods. Enjoy!