Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot Enough For Ya?

From the local NBC news affiliate comes the understatement of the year.  On the weather page, right below the forecast of heat indices above 100 degrees F, is this little item:  "You don't need a jacket tonight."  Thanks NBC4.  I was actually considering that very question.

The heat wave that's gripping the U.S. from the southwest to the East Coast is pretty much the only thing anyone can talk about.  Having grown up in Atlanta and spent more than 20 summers in DC, some without air conditioning, this is something I should be used to.  I can do hot.  I know to take it slow, hydrate, seek shade.  But after four summers away, I'd forgotten how hazy, hot, and humid can just suck the life out of you.  How you can go from crisp and fresh to soggy and wilted in a nanosecond.  How you lose your interest in food, in exercise, in doing anything much but sitting in front of the AC with your feet up.  No wonder the Harry Potter movie broke the box office records.  It's just too darn hot to do anything else.

I hear that it's gray, rainy, and in the 60s in Paris.  And that's not so appealing either.  So I guess it's time for another Diet Coke and maybe a dip in the pool.  That's agenda enough in this heat.


  1. I am really sorry for the oppressive heat. Truly. But you have heard accurately with this: "I hear that it's gray, rainy, and in the 60s in Paris. And that's not so appealing either."

    I've been huddled in a sweater all day long. To go out the past few days, I have worn my autumn uniform of cardigan + woolly poncho. Brrr. It is truly weird to have this in July! Not saying I want to trade. Oppressive heat in Paris is no joy, either. But it is really not feeling like summer at all, you know?

    Try to stay cool. Popsicles always work for me! And lemonade. Lots and lots of lemonade! (I've been drinking hot tea still, heh.)

  2. So the heat is the reason that you haven't been posting every day! In between drinking hot tea like Karin and staying huddled under a blanket on the couch, I've been desperately checking your blog in hopes of something new to read, while you, madame, are paddling about in a pool!

    But more seriously, after just being in Annapolis, I know exactly what you mean about the side effects of heat and humidity.

    My favorite thirst quencher is crushed mint from the garden, simple syrup, and mineral water. Lime is a pleasant addition.

    Stay cool - I'm going to check out Paris Plage on its first the rain.

  3. find a pool Anne....

    can't imagine even looking at a sweater at this point....

    we are melting here.

  4. It's been awful here in the midwest - southern Minnesota - too. I had to play my harp at an outdoor wedding in this swampy, miserable weather on Saturday - heat index was 110. Can you believe it?