Thursday, July 14, 2011


I wasn't sure whether the movers who packed up our Paris apartment would touch the cabinet with my French food finds so I restrained myself from buying too much lest we needed to carry it all in our suitcases.  Happily, they didn't bat an eye when it came to the kilo jar of mustard, the tins of creme de marron, boxes of sea salt, and a couple jars of Speculoos spread.  My kids, however, insisted that two jars of the latter would not be enough to sustain us upon our return and made a last minute run to the market for two more that got tucked in with the t-shirts, bathing suits, and socks.

So imagine their delight when we spied this display, not at some fancy schmancy gourmet food shop, but in the local Giant supermarket.  Same product, same manufacturer, albeit a different name.  As for the price?  It's pretty similar to what we paid in Franprix and Casino.   Now if I can just summon up the self control not to buy it too frequently!

By the way, that recipe for Speculoos Chicken in Dorie Greenspan's otherwise wonderful cookbook, Around My French Table?  You should save the cookies to have with your coffee.  Just saying.


  1. After reading about this from you AND David Lebovitz, I've just got to find this stuff in New York. On a mission now... Thanks!

  2. My wife noticed when we were having this with our Biscoff cookies, that the top of the spread says, "Made with original Biscoff cookies". I guess we were getting a double dose.

    Here's a dollar off coupon for each of your 2011 purchases from Biscoff:

    Here is where you can purchase the spread in the US (it doesn't list all the locations that I've found it):

    Or you can just order it from their website.

  3. And here I thought I had to keep ordering the stuff online. Giant, here I come !! (I wonder if my local Safeway has it, too?)

  4. That's funny, I just brought a jar of that back for my Dutch co-worker as a thank-you for a project he helped me with. He'd never had it before, but said it reminded him of what he used to eat for a snack in Holland as a kid - a peanut butter sandwich with a layer of speculoos cookies.

    And a "Giant" supermarket? Never heard of that chain before - do you think it's a sister company of the French supermarket "Géant"?

  5. @Brian: Wow! Thanks. I will definitely use those coupons!

    @Ksam: The Giant in the DC metro area was originally a local chain. It's now owned by a big Dutch conglomerate called Ahold.

  6. After reading about this stuff for a while, I've GOT to try it...but does it contain nuts? I'm (very sadly) allergic.

  7. No nuts. Just traces of wheat and soy.

  8. Hey Anne, great to have you back on the blogging scene!

    Speculoos spread in the US -- total score. Although the name makes it sound like some weird British foodlike substance.

    I'm not telling friends and family about this as I've already bought a bunch of jars that I'm damn well schlepping home...

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris