Friday, July 29, 2011


I have a soft spot for signs. Well designed signs fill me with delight, bad ones make me nuts. And quirky ones? That's best of all. Here are a few signs that stopped me in my tracks recently.

I love this one posted at the DC Department of Motor Vehicles, the kind of place that tends to drive people to profanity.  Actually my experience there (as well as the last time I renewed my driver's license some 10 years ago) was perfectly pleasant.   And call me old fashioned but I'm all in favor of dialing back the use of profanity.  If you use the F word in every sentence, you kind of rob it of its impact when the going gets really tough. 

There must have been a pay phone here once.  Today all that's left is the sign.  Have pay phones gone the way of the typewriter and the rotary phone?

McDonald's may have created the McCafe to compete with Starbucks and the rest of the corporate coffee culture.  But don't think about parking here with your laptop for the day.  While I like the idea of not being rushed over your coffee or lunch, there is a limit.  Some of those coffee shops are so full of freelancers and students that there's rarely a place to sit for the casual coffee drinker.  

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