Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Sunday Post

The years haven't been kind to The Washington Post.  Like every other newspaper in the country, it has suffered while Internet news sources have prospered.  There are more stories from wire services, less attention to investigative reporting, the Sunday book section seems to have disappeared while its counterpart Style has morphed into a much thinner tabloid.  All the same, I love having a newspaper with my morning coffee and I love having the multi-sectioned Sunday paper greeting me in the small quiet hours of the weekend.  After four years of subsisting on Internet news and copies of the International Herald Tribune my husband brought home from the office in the evenings, having the Post back in my life is a real treat.  Now if you'll excuse me, news from around the world, updates on local politics, sports standings, theater reviews, comics, and coupons are waiting.


  1. Anne, Since I'll still be subsisting on internet news, the occasional Herald Tribune, and "The Daily Show" in Paris, I'm REALLY happy that you're going to be blogging from DC. I look forward to reading about your days in our capital, especially because you'll be looking at everything with fresh eyes after being away for four years.

    And coupons, I had forgotten about the coupons!

  2. Hello Anne,

    Glad to see you've started blogging again, although I must say DC doesn't have the same draw for me as Paris. I still go back to your former site and was wondering if maybe I am losing my mind. I thought at one time you had a post that said you were passing the torch to someone else who would take over Just Another American in Paris. Am I correct or was this wishful thinking ? Wish you all the best in your new city and new blog.

  3. jj4948 (whomever you are): I'm not surprised that DC doesn't have the same draw as Paris. I always figured it was Paris people were interested in, not particularly what I had to say about it. At any rate, I passed the torch on Posted in Paris because I felt it deserved a longer life as a practical resource for Anglophone newcomers to Paris. As for Just Another American, that was all me and it just felt right to end it when my time in Paris was up.